Just Another Fatshion Blog

I know, I know, another fashion blog, who really cares right? Well, I did, about eight months ago when I was a struggling, self-loathing graduate student and I stumbled across the fatshion (fat fashion) blogging community. It was an epiphany, something which I studied a lot as an art history major, a sudden revelation. I could be fat and not hate myself for it. I could be fat and take pride in what I was wearing. I know, like I said, I’m not reinventing the wheel here but it was revolutionary for me. As I tried to explain to my husband after a few days of constant blog reading, it never occurred to me before that I could love myself as I am without needing to be thin, without needing to be perfect.

So here I am – discovering a multitude of new shopping and fashion choices that were, apparently, open to me this whole time. There is of course, a catch:  I am living on a modest barista income and so my outfit choices have to be frugal as well as trendy. After months of watching from the sidelines, I’ve decided to join the conversation. These curves brew a mean cup of coffee and have been known to rock a killer outfit too.