Wardrobe Building

Building a wardrobe on a budget can be a difficult task.  While I mainly try to keep my wardrobe purchases to $30 or below, I make an exception for wardrobe essentials.  If you are shopping for something you will wear at least once (maybe 4 or 5 times) a week, you want to make sure that you love it.

No matter where you hunt for these items you need to focus on these two things:

1.Fit – It doesn’t matter if those pants are right on trend, or extremely cheap, if they don’t fit correctly you will not wear them.  This is probably one of my worst fashion mistakes.  Those fifteen dollar dark red pointy flats that were so beautiful in the store but still pinched my toes, well I bought them anyway and do I wear them?  Of course not.  There they sit in my closet and occasionally I ponder wearing them, but then I remember my pinched toes and in the closet they remain.  Perhaps you’ll shrug and think, well its only fifteen dollars but when you add that to the $25 jacket that doesn’t quite fit but you couldn’t return it because it was on clearance and that $30 shirt that you loved until you realized that it shows too much cleavage to be worn.  When it all adds up you could have had $70 to buy a really great pair of shoes.

2. Fabric Quality – Last season I spent a ton of gift card funds on beautiful jeans that fit amazingly but were made from really thin cotton.  I loved them so much that I wore them multiple times a week, but unsurprisingly they fell apart rather quickly.  It doesn’t matter what price you are paying for an item, it needs to be a good quality.  That $20 skirt is not a bargain if the fabric has pulls in it already or if the hem is flimsy.

I am a firm believer that wardrobe essentials are worth spending extra precious dollars on because you will wear them again and again.  So consider these things carefully when you purchase- don’t be fooled by inexpensive items, because one day they might be sitting in your closet with their price tag still on.


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