OOTD – Sunday in Red

Today I could not decide what to wear. I started out in a black dress with my new City Chic Bow Shoulder Cardi, which ended up being the only item that remained constant in my outfit. Five outfits later I ended up in jeggings and a black v-neck tee, a variation of my college uniform of jeans and a black tee. (Please ignore the awkward face and coloring in the photo, I’m still working on my technique and not making silly faces.)


I have awkward feet.

Cardi – City Chic (about $15 and no longer available); Tee – Old Navy; Jeggings – Old Navy ($10); Shoes – Merona from Target ($6); Necklace – Made by Me

I used to be an anti-skinny jeans activist, well not really, but close enough.  I was adamant that I would never wear them because of the awful “ice cream cone” effect they would give my shape.  But when I found these Old Navy jeggings on sale for $10 at my local store, I decided to go for it and I fell in love.  I love the way they make my legs look as I peer down at them from my vantage point and more importantly, I love the way they feel.  Still, I was afraid to wear them out in public for quite a while, especially in the company of those who had heard me railing against skinny jeans in the past.  Luckily for me, my friends have either forgot those rants or are extremely gracious (I’m betting its the latter) and didn’t mention my previous comments.  I wore this outfit out today for lunch with the family at Cosi and then sitting around the house to watch VCU (my brothers alma mater) beat out Kansas and make its way into the final four, yay!

This Bow Shoulder Cardi was one of my first purchases from City Chic. I bought it during their crazy 60% off sale and I actually googled “City Chic Coupon” and found another 10% off code as well. I ended up getting this cardi (no longer available), the pink puff sleeves top, pipping pin up dress (no longer available) and chiffon bow dress (no longer available), all for under $70 with free shipping. It was a great deal and I love all of the pieces I picked up.  This cardigan is especially my favorite. I’ve been wearing it around the house all week (which is why there is dog hair on it in the pictures, oops) and then finally out today. The quality of fabric is amazing, it’s thick enough to be substantial in this almost-but-not-quite spring weather DC has been having (we actually got some snow last night), but the 3/4 sleeves and open front design make it practical to wear even into the hotter weather.  I can’t wait to pair this with my pipping pin up dress later this year.

Did you notice I’ve worn the same shoes for both of my OOTDs so far? Its a rather accurate portrayal of how much I wear these shoes, they are so comfortable and I love their vintage style.


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