Words of Wisdom from the Ladies of my Past

My husband’s birthday was this week and the family went out to dinner to celebrate.  We went to Ruffino’s Spaghetti House because Italian food is Bot’s favorite and with a name like “Spaghetti House” it was sure to impress.  The food was absolutely amazing!  I wore my City Chic Flutter Heart Dress because when I showed it to my husband when it first arrived he said he liked it more than any other dress I’ve bought, which is high praise if you knew how many dresses are currently in my closet.

[Dress – City Chic; Earrings – Sailor Studios; Necklace – Made by Me; Shoes – Target]

I love the 1940s style of this dress.  I’m not sure if the style of it suits me well but it is so comfortable.  It reminds me of something my grandmothers would wear and it got me thinking about my fabulous grandmothers and the advice that they gave me.  I used to complain about my size to my grandmother Doris (whom I called Nana.) I don’t actually remember any of the complaints but I remember her response.  She told me that when she was growing up, she was a bean pole and being a bean pole was not fashionable.  No, curvy was the style of the day when you were a teenager in late 1930s.  You always want what you don’t have, she told me.  My grandma taught me to love everyone, including myself.

My grandmother Barbara Jean (Mawmaw) well, she never gave me any advice per say, she more lived by example.  She loved to shop! (love, Love, LOVED!) She was always, all about looking fashionable even though her family never had that much money.  I mostly remember her fabulous red jackets and more “grandma-esque” clothes.  After she passed away last year, the family went through old photos of her and shared memories and I have to say my grandmother was hot! She had curves and boy did she rock them.

There are so many things I wish I could have talked to them about now and I wish that I could have rifled through their closets 20 – 30 years ago. But I will always remember what they taught me.

A young Nana at summer camp

Mawmaw in all her curves.


Blogger Inspiration – OOTD

I spent most of this morning in my pjs researching apartments for Bot and I.  We’ve found a couple places that are actually dog friendly, which are surprisingly hard to find in this area.  When I decided to actually get dressed and head out this morning, I took inspiration for my outfit from one of my favorite bloggers, Charlie of Feminine Bravery.  I bought this skirt wanting to pair it with bright colored tops.  It took me a while to purchase this Gap coral shirt (which I apparently should have ironed before wearing it.)  When I saw Charlie’s outfit, I knew I had to try out my combination too.  However, I wasn’t brave enough to put on my blue cardigan and plus its warm in DC right now.  Overall, I think this outfit was a success and will probably be replicated later.

[shirt – Gap; Skirt – Old Navy; Heels – Merona, Target; Fascinator (yes, I’m wearing it again) – Kaehlah Bee]

I spent yesterday cataloging my closet, to figure out what I have, what I haven’t worn, and most of all, what I should be spending my hard earned latte dollars on.  After a bit of considering, I’ve decide the following are classic wardrobe staples that my closet is sadly lacking: black leather flats, bright colored flats, a non-black neutral bottom, white collared button up shirt, a red belt, and a pair of shoes with lots of straps and buckles.  So when I went out shopping this afternoon, I was hoping to find some of these items, particularly I was looking for number one on my shopping list, a new pair of black leather flats.  I returned home with three new dresses, not exactly what I was looking for but they are all beautiful.  Maybe I can style some of them up for my autumn weddings, here’s hoping!

The Blues are Still Blue

The City Chic sale and my crowded closet inspired this outfit.  I’m working on cataloging my closet so I can shop my gaps but more on that later.  I bought three dresses during the City Chic Easter sale and I hadn’t worn this dress, the Piping Pin Up Dress, yet.

[dress – City Chic; cardigan – Kmart; fascinator – Hive and Honey; shoes – Merona]

I only have one problem with this dress – the straps are too long.  They kept sliding off my shoulders.  It could be quickly fixed if I were at all proficient in sewing, but I am not.  Thus I’m going to have to get it altered a bit, but since I got the dress on sale I don’t mind paying for the alterations.  Otherwise, I love, LOVE, LOVE this dress! It looks great, the fabric is soft and breathable and it has pockets! I love pockets in a dress. When I bought this dress I imagined wearing it to summer cookouts and parties so here’s hoping I get invited to some.

Sorry the picture is a bit over exposed.

I am in love of with my new fascinator by one of my favorite bloggers Kaelah Bee.  I bought it from her Hive and Honey shop last week and it was in my mail this morning! So excited! I wasn’t planning on wearing it with this outfit, originally I had a gold headband on but I like it with my Piping Pin Up dress.  And for good measure one more silly photo.

Silly face time.

Ps- The title of this post is from the Belle & Sebastian song.

City Chic Sale!

City Chic is having a massive sale right now! All of their sale items are $19.99 or less! How crazy is that? My favorites are gathered below:

The Self Tie Cargo Pants

The Corset Waist Jacket

and the Puff, Elbow Length Sleeves V-Neck Top.

Not only do I love City Chic’s clothes but I love everything about what they are doing as a brand.  Their pair up with the Australian Indie designer Damn You Alexis!  and their kick ass run way shows are just phenomenal.  So what are you waiting for? Go shop!

Simple Is the Best – OOTD

Yesterday my husband and I had the day off together, which is a rare thing with our two retail job household.  We spent the morning lazing around and thinking about the apartments we have been visiting lately but in the afternoon we headed out to our friend’s place for some gaming fun.  I decided to keep things simple but couldn’t resist wearing my new oxfords again.

I had to use the 80s wind hair photo.

 T-Shirt – Old Navy ($8); Skinny Jeans – Old Navy ($10); Miz Mooz Oxfords ($50); Necklace – Lia Sophia (Purchased ages ago); Earrings – SERRV (Stolen from my Mom)

Love Your Thighs Month is going very well! I have been dancing aerobically most mornings which has made my thighs feel rather mighty again.  They were rather upset with me for putting them in skinny jeans yesterday in the blistering heat, since sweating in skinny jeans often leads to me thinking of my legs as sausages with denim casings.  I guess thinking of my legs as sausages goes against the principals of Love Your Thighs Month but I only thought it once and then I scurried inside and out of the heat so my outfit was rather fitting.  While driving home, my husband rested his hand on my thighs and smiled as we drove and talked peacefully, it was a moment when I truly loved my thighs and all was right in the world.  All in all a very great day and a simple outfit.

My New Miz Mooz Oxfords

Yesterday, after a long day of making coffee and cleaning everything, I came home to a wonderful surprise, my Miz Mooz “Hoola” Oxfords had arrived!  I ordered them a few weeks ago when I saw them 50% off at HauteLook.*  I’ve actually been stalking this particular pair of oxfords for a few months and when I saw they were down to $50 I pounced and bought them.  Aren’t they pretty?

Sorry for the awkward picture.

I’m still working on how to style them so that you can fully appreciate the shoes.  Today I wore them with rolled jeans because its almost summer so rolled jeans are part of my look.  I think that they could go with a cute summer dress but I’m still working on that one as most of my summer dresses are strangely enough black.  Without further ado, my outfit.

My first time being a self photographer, yay!

Shirt- Gap (ap. $15); Cardigan – Gap (ap. $20); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Miz Mooz Oxfords – HauteLook ($50) [Available at the Nordstrom’s Sale here.]; necklace – Yochi (Valentine’s gift from Bot)

*This was my first purchase from HauteLook and I must say that I’m impressed.  The shoes arrived in great condition with adorable HauteLook packaging and price cannot be beat.  HauteLook’s shipping is a flat $7 which is better than other sales websites.  I get their daily sales emails and normally scroll through to see if there are any sales of interest and if not I simply delete and move on.  They do get a great selection of designer clothing and accessories as well as amazing deals on wine, vacations, and home items.  Although this was my first purchase from HauteLook, it is far from my last.  If you would like an invite code to join HauteLook you can have one of mine here.

Black and Blue OOTD

I intended to wear something much more thigh exposing for my first outfit post of Love Your Thighs Month but I received my order from City Chic yesterday and I just had to wear my new So Cute Cobalt Dress.

It started to rain as soon as we stepped outside - hence umbrella. I make silly faces...

Dress – City Chic ($34); Flats – Target ($20); Necklace – Made by me; Headband – NY&Co ($10)

This dress is absolutely amazing.  It is light and airy and oh so cool in the hot, humid weather today. The Pros: it is the most beautiful blue color, the skirt is light and breathable, it has pockets and I was lucky enough to get it during the 50% off sale City Chic was having last week.  With all of its pros, this dress seems almost perfect but I do have two slight issues with it.  First, there were lots of loose strings hanging from the belt and pockets of the dress when I received it.  It wasn’t a big deal, I just cut them off, but I’m fearful that when I wash the dress  parts will start to unravel.  We will see.  Secondly, the top of the dress is a bit loose under my arms, while the bottom skims my hips and thighs perfectly.  This is more a product of my body shape being slight more pear shaped than the model used for the dress pattern.  Over all I give So Cute Cobalt Dress an A!

Love Your Thighs Month

        Last month I was shopping with my mom and in the dim, dingy light of a dressing room caught a look at my thighs in a full length mirror and let out a phrase that is heard all too often in our thin obsessed culture, “I hate my thighs!”  Its not that I don’t see them on a regular basis, I mean they are attached to me, but for some reason, that day, my insecurities and that full length mirror brought me down from my shopping high to a place many a woman had been before, up to my waist in thigh hatred.  Until my mom said something pretty revolutionary, she apologized, saying “They’re in your genes.”
       This got me thinking about the many things that my family genetics have passed on to me, good and bad: my red hair (thanks great grandmothers!), my blue eyes, my eternally pale and freckled skin, a pension for drinking moonshine out of mason jars, a history of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and my thighs.  Not all of these are created equal and weighing them against each, previously I would probably have put my thighs up there with heart disease. Now, go back and reread that sentence.  I would put my hatred of my thighs beside heart disease, the cause of my grandfather’s death.  The more I thought about this epiphany, the more crazy it seemed and I decided something had to be done.  Thus I’ve declared this June “Love Your Thighs Month!”
       I will not let one negative comment about my thighs escape my lips.  Instead I will wear outfits that highlight my thighs and their lovely curves and will post all of the accomplishments my of my thighs.
Join with me! Love your thighs too!