Love Your Thighs Month

        Last month I was shopping with my mom and in the dim, dingy light of a dressing room caught a look at my thighs in a full length mirror and let out a phrase that is heard all too often in our thin obsessed culture, “I hate my thighs!”  Its not that I don’t see them on a regular basis, I mean they are attached to me, but for some reason, that day, my insecurities and that full length mirror brought me down from my shopping high to a place many a woman had been before, up to my waist in thigh hatred.  Until my mom said something pretty revolutionary, she apologized, saying “They’re in your genes.”
       This got me thinking about the many things that my family genetics have passed on to me, good and bad: my red hair (thanks great grandmothers!), my blue eyes, my eternally pale and freckled skin, a pension for drinking moonshine out of mason jars, a history of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and my thighs.  Not all of these are created equal and weighing them against each, previously I would probably have put my thighs up there with heart disease. Now, go back and reread that sentence.  I would put my hatred of my thighs beside heart disease, the cause of my grandfather’s death.  The more I thought about this epiphany, the more crazy it seemed and I decided something had to be done.  Thus I’ve declared this June “Love Your Thighs Month!”
       I will not let one negative comment about my thighs escape my lips.  Instead I will wear outfits that highlight my thighs and their lovely curves and will post all of the accomplishments my of my thighs.
Join with me! Love your thighs too!

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