Simple Is the Best – OOTD

Yesterday my husband and I had the day off together, which is a rare thing with our two retail job household.  We spent the morning lazing around and thinking about the apartments we have been visiting lately but in the afternoon we headed out to our friend’s place for some gaming fun.  I decided to keep things simple but couldn’t resist wearing my new oxfords again.

I had to use the 80s wind hair photo.

 T-Shirt – Old Navy ($8); Skinny Jeans – Old Navy ($10); Miz Mooz Oxfords ($50); Necklace – Lia Sophia (Purchased ages ago); Earrings – SERRV (Stolen from my Mom)

Love Your Thighs Month is going very well! I have been dancing aerobically most mornings which has made my thighs feel rather mighty again.  They were rather upset with me for putting them in skinny jeans yesterday in the blistering heat, since sweating in skinny jeans often leads to me thinking of my legs as sausages with denim casings.  I guess thinking of my legs as sausages goes against the principals of Love Your Thighs Month but I only thought it once and then I scurried inside and out of the heat so my outfit was rather fitting.  While driving home, my husband rested his hand on my thighs and smiled as we drove and talked peacefully, it was a moment when I truly loved my thighs and all was right in the world.  All in all a very great day and a simple outfit.


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