The Blues are Still Blue

The City Chic sale and my crowded closet inspired this outfit.  I’m working on cataloging my closet so I can shop my gaps but more on that later.  I bought three dresses during the City Chic Easter sale and I hadn’t worn this dress, the Piping Pin Up Dress, yet.

[dress – City Chic; cardigan – Kmart; fascinator – Hive and Honey; shoes – Merona]

I only have one problem with this dress – the straps are too long.  They kept sliding off my shoulders.  It could be quickly fixed if I were at all proficient in sewing, but I am not.  Thus I’m going to have to get it altered a bit, but since I got the dress on sale I don’t mind paying for the alterations.  Otherwise, I love, LOVE, LOVE this dress! It looks great, the fabric is soft and breathable and it has pockets! I love pockets in a dress. When I bought this dress I imagined wearing it to summer cookouts and parties so here’s hoping I get invited to some.

Sorry the picture is a bit over exposed.

I am in love of with my new fascinator by one of my favorite bloggers Kaelah Bee.  I bought it from her Hive and Honey shop last week and it was in my mail this morning! So excited! I wasn’t planning on wearing it with this outfit, originally I had a gold headband on but I like it with my Piping Pin Up dress.  And for good measure one more silly photo.

Silly face time.

Ps- The title of this post is from the Belle & Sebastian song.


2 thoughts on “The Blues are Still Blue

  1. That dress is super cute on you! I always love how their clothes fit… I’m a big fan of defined waistlines, and find so many plus-sized clothes don’t have them! But they do, and they end up fitting so well….

    • Thank you! Yes I totally love the defined waist on this dress. I actually bought the Florentine dress as well from City Chic which is cut exactly the same, only with a different fabric. I’m a sucker for full skirts and pockets.

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