Blogger Inspiration – OOTD

I spent most of this morning in my pjs researching apartments for Bot and I.  We’ve found a couple places that are actually dog friendly, which are surprisingly hard to find in this area.  When I decided to actually get dressed and head out this morning, I took inspiration for my outfit from one of my favorite bloggers, Charlie of Feminine Bravery.  I bought this skirt wanting to pair it with bright colored tops.  It took me a while to purchase this Gap coral shirt (which I apparently should have ironed before wearing it.)  When I saw Charlie’s outfit, I knew I had to try out my combination too.  However, I wasn’t brave enough to put on my blue cardigan and plus its warm in DC right now.  Overall, I think this outfit was a success and will probably be replicated later.

[shirt – Gap; Skirt – Old Navy; Heels – Merona, Target; Fascinator (yes, I’m wearing it again) – Kaehlah Bee]

I spent yesterday cataloging my closet, to figure out what I have, what I haven’t worn, and most of all, what I should be spending my hard earned latte dollars on.  After a bit of considering, I’ve decide the following are classic wardrobe staples that my closet is sadly lacking: black leather flats, bright colored flats, a non-black neutral bottom, white collared button up shirt, a red belt, and a pair of shoes with lots of straps and buckles.  So when I went out shopping this afternoon, I was hoping to find some of these items, particularly I was looking for number one on my shopping list, a new pair of black leather flats.  I returned home with three new dresses, not exactly what I was looking for but they are all beautiful.  Maybe I can style some of them up for my autumn weddings, here’s hoping!


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