Real Life Things

Bot and I have spent the last two weeks looking for an apartment.  I have to say, apartment searching has to be one of my least favorite things in the world.  There are lots of price quotes, tours of grounds, and awkward peering in closets to decide if all of my clothes really can fit in there.  Not to mention that Northern VA has to have some of the highest rent prices in the country (yes NY and LA you have us beat.) We think we’ve come to a decision, so we’ll see if the apartment we wanted is still available when he goes back tomorrow.  Its the smallest square footage but also the lowest price.  It will be like living in one of those Ikea rooms – Living in 460 sq ft.

Sadly not the closet of the apartment we've chosen.

[Shirt – Old Navy ($7); Skirt – Lane Bryant ($40ish); Flats – Target ($19); Necklace – Florence street vendor; Purse – thrifted ($4)]

I’ve been trying to curb my spending because of our upcoming move and the need for things like “deposits.” Also my birthday is at the end of this month so Bot has requested I stop buying things so he can have presents to get me.  I did make one big purchase (which I’m slowly paying off), this Stefanie Bezaire v neck dress. I’ve been in love with this dress since I first saw it and after seeing it on one of my favorite bloggers, I decided to buy it.  I’ll give you guys a review when I get it next week.


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