Fall Weddings

This fall has been full of weddings for Bot and I.  Two of his best friends have tied the knot and this weekend two of our favorite Atlantans are getting hitched.  In honor of these happy events, I thought I’d do a spread of wedding outfit posts*, culminating in a recap of what Bot and I wore on our big day two years ago.

Let me start by saying that I love weddings! I love the excuse to wear one of my pretty dresses, or even to buy a new one. I love getting together with friends, basking in the happy glow of the newlyweds and dancing.  To be honest, I am a terrible dancer. I have approximately two moves but like everyone else on a wedding dance floor, I don’t really care.  Its all about having fun, right?

The wedding a few weekends ago took us to Richmond, Va which is one of my favorite cities.  Its hard to explain to people who have never been to the Virginia capital but its just great.  Full of monuments, history, tons of row houses turned into apartments, hipster coffee houses**, great diners, and the ever fabulous Sticky Rice. (I know, I know, there is a Sticky Rice DC now but I just like the original better.)  We hit the city early so we could wander around before the rehearsal dinner.

[Shirt – Target ($25); Jacket – Torrid (gift from in-laws); Trouser Jeans – Talbots ($25 on super sale!); Heels – Target; Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Birthday gift from Bot); Necklace – Made by Me]

I’m surprised that some version of this outfit has not already made it onto this blog.  It has become my go to outfit for going out.  I picked up this shirt at Target last year at full price and have not regretted the price at all. The shirt has held up well in spite of its constant washing, since I wear it at least once a week.  This jacket is great as well because it has a tailored fit but the ruched arms and stretch jersey material help it bridge the gap between casual and dressy.  My only complaint with the jacket is that it is not lined, which makes it look a bit junky if I am carrying it around or taking it off in public.

My bag was a surprise birthday present from Bot.  Its a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Lucy (this bag but in Spinach.)  I didn’t think I was going to get it, even though I had been asking (begging) for it since I first found it online earlier this year. (“I love it so much! I’ll never ask for anything ever again! I’ll feed it and water it and take it on walks and everything.”) I had been looking for a leather handbag for a while and knew that I wanted both a longer shoulder strap and shorter one.  I fell in love with the shape and deep green color of this purse.  The price was well beyond our normal budget but I’ve justified it as a one time purchase since it is my first designer handbag.  Now I just have to keep from spilling coffee all over it like everything else I own.

* I’ve had to recreate some of my outfits due to the poor lighting of restaurants and receptions but I promise all of the outfits and accessories will be the same.

** We went to Black Hand Coffee Company where I had the best cappuccino that I’ve seen in a long time, which is saying something since I make over 20 cappuccini a day.

I’ve sorry I’ve been the most absent of bloggers. Thanks for sticking with me.


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