Fall Weddings – Dinner in RVA

I wore this outfit to the second rehearsal dinner I attended this fall.  After a day of frolicking around Richmond, Bot and I headed to our hotel (Crowne Plaza) to relax and change before the rehearsal and dinner.  Bot was a groomsman so he, of course, participated in the rehearsal while I got to sit back and relax. I must say that I was rather proud of him.  The wedding planner commented on how well he had the “walking down the aisle slowly while smiling” thing down.  I guess he learned a thing or two at our wedding.

Showing off the sequined back of the dress.

[Dress – Torrid (?); Cardigan – Kmart ($5)*; Belt – Lane Bryant ($30 for 2); Flats – BCBG via DSW ($40); Pearls – Gift from my Bridesmaids; Earrings – Made by Me]

I bought this dress from Torrid over a year ago and never wore it until this rehearsal dinner.  That is unfortunately, one of my bad habits, I buy things just knowing that I’ll wear them all the time, only to find them in my closet with the tags still on over a year later.  I bought this dress in one of my rough patches.  I had put on weight and none of my clothes fit like they used too and graduate school was devastating me.  I was desperate to have a pretty dress to wear that fit me well.  I remember running up the three flights of stairs to my Atlanta apartment and changing into this dress in the middle of the living before dashing to bathroom to check it on in a mirror.  It was a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day, a warm blanket in winter, it was exactly what I needed – a dress that was shiny and fit me without being too tight and showing off everything I was insecure about.  I didn’t even have to wear the dress, it was enough to know that it was there in my closet if I needed it.

Perhaps I held off wearing this dress for so long because of those associations,  I didn’t want to remember my desperate need for the dress or the dark days that led to my impulse purchase of it.  The thing is, I don’t feel that way anymore.  Sure, my closet is full of pretty dresses that fit me well, but they are no longer my security blanket.  When I was reaching into my closet to frantically pack (because, like always, I left packing until the last possible moment), I stumbled on this dress.  I thought the sequins would add a little bit of pizazz without being too overpowering; it wasn’t, after all, my rehearsal dinner.  I’m pretty pleased with how the outfit turned out, although I like it best with the cardigan’s pop of color and the sweater completely covers the sequins, but c’est la vie.  And in the end, I don’t even like this dress too much, the sequins are itchy and I’m not a big fan of the puffed shoulders.  I will probably end up donating it to Goodwill in my next closet clean out but I’m happy to have made some good memories in it.

*I actually bought this cardigan at a Kmart in Farmville, VA right before  a wedding last summer when I realized that I didn’t bring anything to cover my would be bare shoulders during the church wedding. Its become one of my favorite sweaters, what a steal for just $5!


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