How to Dress for a Georgia Farm Wedding

It took me a few tries to come up with the perfect outfit for a fall, farm wedding in Georgia.  In the end, I went with this…

Please excuse the lighting, we were having so much fun we forgot about pictures.

In the hotel room, trying to figure out if boots would be appropriate.

A detail shot

[Dress – Torrid (~$60); Cardigan – Target (?); Boots – Torrid (~$35 on sale); Earrings – Sailor Studios; Necklace – Lia Sophia ($50); Bracelet – Gift from In-Laws]

I found this cardigan in the midst of packing and unpacking my closet last month.  It was one of my favorites in high school because of the color, short length and the adorable stitched bird.  Since finding it, I’ve been wearing it non-stop.  (I’m sure you’ll see this in another post soon.)  I got this seersucker dress last summer from Torrid but never actually wore it because the puffed sleeves sit awkwardly on my shoulders.  I intended to have the shoulders taken in a bit so it would work better but that never became a priority so it just sat in my closet until I uncovered my summer clothes this year.

Ordinary, I would not suggest wearing a seersucker dress and boots to a fall wedding but I knew it would work for this wedding for a few reasons.

  1. I knew the wedding was on a farm and they suggested in the invitation that we wear low heels for a processional over grassy farm land – This meant that we were going to be hiking around a bit (which we did) so the outfit could be more casual.
  2. I was lucky enough to get a peek at the bride’s dress and it was a short cotton number (so beautiful and breezy) so I knew that a darker, fancier dress would be out of place. (She even wore a pair of Tom’s Ivory wedges, too cool!)
  3. One of my fellow attendees practically lives in her cowboy boots so I knew I wouldn’t be on my own.  (Actually, quite a few people, on seeing my boots, bemoaned not wearing their own.)

My biggest tip for deciding what to wear to your next wedding is to consider the personality of the bride and groom.  If they are more casual, laid back people (like my friends) then an outfit like mine will work.  If however, you know that they are going for a more formal affair, or if their parents are insisting on one, steer away from seersucker.


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