A Modest, Designer Look for a Fall Wedding

A month ago, one of Bot’s best friends, a groomsman at our wedding, got married to his long time girlfriend in Charlottesville.  Their wedding was held in a Catholic church and their reception was on the top of Carter Mountain so I knew I would need a modest dress that could transition from the church ceremony to the party in the apple orchard.

[Dress – Calvin Klein via Syms ($50); Instant Sleeves Lucie Lu ($22); Belt – Lane Bryant ($30 for 2); Flats – BCBG via DSW ($40)]

I found the dress earlier this year and I bought it immediately, even though, at that time, I had no event to wear it to.  This dress has a great weight and drape and it’s fully lined with pockets.  It hangs wonderfully down from the pleated bust line and has a lot of movement (or “wiggle” as I prefer to call it.)  I knew right away that it would be a great dress to dance in.  The higher neckline made the dress appropriate for a church wedding but I knew that I would need something to cover my shoulders.

I decided to try Lucie Lu’s Instant Sleeves which Jessica from Surely Sonsy raves about.  Overall, my review is very positive.  These sleeves worked wonderfully, keeping my shoulders covered and church appropriate during the ceremony and keeping me a bit warmer at the top of Carter Mountain.  Best of all, the Instant Sleeves did not interfere with the line of the dress at all and I could dance in them.  My only issue with the Instant Sleeves was the scary stitch popping noise I heard when I first tried them on although none of the seems appear to be unraveling yet.  Also one of the ribbon loops created to keep the sleeves on a hanger broke immediately (maybe that was the popping noise?)  Still, I’ve treated these Sleeves rather harshly over the past wedding month; I’ve worn them, bunched them up in my purse and thrown them in the bottom of my closet, only to pull them out again a week or two later, and they’ve had no other wear and tear than those initial issues.

A photo from the actual day, Bot and I dancing.  The happy couple was nice enough to let me use one of their photos by their wedding photographer, Susan Kalergis, here. You’ll note that I’m wearing different shoes in this photo.  I actually destroyed these flats wandering through the apple orchard and dancing the night away.


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