Finding Wedding Dress Bliss

To wrap up the last few weeks of wedding posts, I promised a post about Bot and I’s wedding two years ago.  Let me start by saying that our wedding was not how I pictured it, yet it was still absolutely perfect.  For most girls, myself included, the biggest part of a wedding (after you’ve found your groom) is finding the dress.

Like so many plus sized brides, I had some terrible experiences finding a dress.  My first experience was at a small wedding boutique who’s largest dress sample was a size 18.  I couldn’t close the back, I couldn’t imagine how the dress would look and I was completely devastated. I felt terrible about myself and my size and I left the boutique practically in tears.  This scene was repeated two more times in other stores, including the introduction of a “helpful” sales associate who told me the styles that I liked, “just wouldn’t work for bigger girls like us.”  Finally, a friend told me about Silver Lining Plus, an all plus size bridal boutique in Atlanta, which sadly no longer exists.  I cannot express how wonderful it felt to enter a bridal store where I could fully fit into all of the dresses.  The staff were amazingly helpful and friendly and it wasn’t long before I found my perfect dress.

Our photographers was Kyle Bergner, who I completely recommend! She was so wonderful and professional and our photos are simply amazing!

In the end my dress was absolutely perfect, exactly what I wanted, streamline with a bit of sparkles and accenting my curvy figure.  The one thing I would recommend when having your dress altered, which I did not do, is try the dress on in various position.  For example, make sure you can sit down.  I did not think to make sure the dress could expand enough to allow me to sit and sitting for dinner and photos was nearly impossible.  In the end it was fine, as Bot and I didn’t get to eat much anyway, we were too busy floating around and generally walking on clouds.  Two years later and we are still as happy as can be.  Aren’t weddings just the best?


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