A Quick Trip to the Bookstore

I was reading The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower the other day when she was talking about how to immerse yourself in culture.  It got me thinking about how I haven’t been taking very good care of my intellectual life since I moved back to VA.  As part of of a grand scheme to work on that, Bot and I ran out to the local Barnes and Noble to pick up a new book to kick off my quest.

[Shirt- City Chic ($13); Cardigan – Gap ($20); Jeans – Talbots ($25); Belt – Lane Bryant ($30 for 2); Shoes – Miz Mooz ($50); Purse – marc by marc jacobs (gift from Bot); Scarf – Target ($15ish?)]

This is the outfit I threw on to head into town.  We only got a few quick shots inside because it was late and had gotten dark. Also, we were afraid that some of the staff at Barnes and Noble were going to get angry about our impromptu photo shoot.  Although the picture doesn’t show it, I belted my cardigan for this outfit!  I’ve been working up my courage to belt my cardigan for years, ever since I saw Michelle Obama rocking them. For some reason,  I was sure that someone was going to point and laugh at me for it.  Aren’t our fashion fears just hilarious sometimes?  I know that you all must be tired of seeing my jeans, I need to invest in some tights so that I can wear my pretty dresses even when its cold outside.

By the way, the book I picked up was The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood.  Atwood spins the tale of The Odyssey from Penelope’s point of view, with a “chorus” of the twelve murdered maids.  It was a quick, somewhat funny read, but no where near as impressive as the previous Margaret Atwood book I read, The Blind Assassin.

Whatever my next “cultural” outing is, I’ll be sure there are lots of pictures.


4 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to the Bookstore

  1. Oooh, how did you like The Peleponiad? I eagerly pounced on it in a book store once, then decided it looked Too Angry about Odysseus and Penelope (who, as you know, totally live happily ever after in my head). The murdered maids are kind of a problem, granted. How did it stand up?

    • The Peleponiad is okay, its a bit disjointed between the Penelope point of view and the chorus at points. It presented the “the Odyssey is really about the dominance of male ruled society over female goddess ones” pretty well at the end. I finished it pretty quickly, I’ll send it to you with some coffee soon if you want. You should only read it at a time when you can afford to get pissed off and throw stuff across the room.

      • Haha not having time for throwing things across the room is exactly why I didn’t grab it the first time! Good times. ❤

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