Add a Little Baroque to Your Life

Anyone who has taken an Art History 101 class knows about the supposed origin of the word Baroque – from the Portuguese barocco which was a term for a misshapen pearl.  When I was in undergrad and studying Italian Baroque Art, I took this origin to heart and bought this fabulous, baroque-esque shell necklace to show off my love of Seventeenth-Century Rome.

[Sweater – Old Navy ($25); Jeans – Talbots ($25); Shoes – Target ($25); Scarf – Borrowed from Mom; “Baroque” Necklace – Fair Vendor ($30)]

This is just a simple outfit that I wanted to spice up a bit.  I added my red, open-toe wedges and this necklace that I bought from a fair vendor four years ago.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the release of holiday collections.  So many of them this year are full of beautiful fabric concoctions that make my baroque loving heart patter.

So how do you add a little baroque to your wardrobe? How about something gold or lace or add a tutu or a fascinator.  The seventeenth century  might have been all about “go big or go home” but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little dazzle to an otherwise boring outfit.  And yes, it officially so cold that I hid my fabulous necklace under this scarf all day.


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