How to Prepare for a Day of Shopping

I have not been very good about curbing my shopping lately. It all started off rather harmlessly, I needed a new pair of jeans because my Old navy Sweetheart boot-cut jeans were too big; then it spiraled into a full-on shopping spree. Luckily for me this only happens a few times a year and I had actually been saving up for a few things so I didn’t completely blow my budget.

My clothing haul from my last few shopping trips - Torrid, Old Navy and Gap.

For me shopping has been a crucial part of my self-acceptance journey.  I discovered Torrid when I was living in Atlanta and it is hard to describe the difference that having fashionable clothes that fit me has made in my life.  Finally shopping was fun instead of a chore!  Bot and I would make the trek to the Alpharetta Mall (a suburb of ATL) to visit the Torrid and we would make a day of it.  I would gather up all of the things that remotely interested me and a few styles that I wasn’t sure about and then try them all on and finally decide what among the “yes pile” was coming home with me.  This past week Bot and I decided to have another one of our shopping adventures and made a day of it again.

So I thought I would share with you how I prepare for an all day shopping adventure:

  1. Start with a good foundation – I always wear my favorite go to bra and undies when shopping so that I will know if an outfit is going to require something special in the undergarment area.  It also helps to wear neutral colors.  There is nothing worse than trying to contemplate a pair of amazing khakis and not being able to see past your own vampire-themed undies. (Not that this has happened to me or anything…)
  2. Consider what you’re looking for – During this shopping trip I was especially looking for a pair of high boots that would fit over a pair of skinny jeans so of course, I wore my jeggings on the shopping adventure. (Sadly, I found none.)
  3. Make it an event – Bot and I make an event out of shopping. It is not only about ogling the pretty clothes but also about walking through the mall together – talking and having fun.  We also make a point of going out for a good dinner (or lunch) afterwards so we get a whole day together.
  4. Keep it simple – I know, I know, this one seems contrary to the previous advice but I mean keep your shopping outfit simple.  If you are going to be visiting lots of stores and dressing rooms, its going to become a pain to take off and then re-don all of those layers again and again. Just keep it simple and classic.

As a final note, I recommend getting a cup a coffee as soon as you hit the mall.  That way you’ll be forced to walk around with out entering any stores for awhile (due to most stores’ no food and drink policy.)  Then after you finish your delicious beverage you’ll know which stores you want to hit and where they are located.


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