How I Avoided Spending by Hiding from Black Friday

I had Black Friday off work, which my co-workers thought was because I wanted to go shopping. In reality, I wanted to spend most of the day at the house, getting chores done and emerging a couple of times to make a quick dash to the grocery store but avoiding anywhere that had large shopping deals.  I’m trying to be good and not spend money on myself and I knew if I went shopping it would be all for me.

[Jeans – Talbots ($25); Shirt – Gap Outlet ($15); Sweater – NY&CO ($25ish with gift card from In-Laws); Heels – Merona/Target ($30); Necklace – Made by Me]

This was a perfect outfit to laze around the house in.  I fell in love with this tee when Bot and I were shopping and poked our heads into the Gap outlet.  It’s so soft and has an adorable heart print, which I forgot to take a detailed photo of.  I thought the hearts would go well with this NY&Co sweater that I bought last year but had never worn. I’m right on the outer limits of NY&Co’s sizing so sometimes their clothes fit me (mainly if they have some stretch) and sometimes they do not.  This sweater is one of those items that doesn’t quite fit but I loved it so much I bought it anyway.  I know, I know, it’s one of the essentials that I now preach about, FIT, its the most important component of a clothing item.  I can only say that a year ago I was naïve and really wanted this ruffle embellished cardigan.  I think it works in this outfit, I can’t button the cardigan but that wasn’t an issue since I spent the day inside and I wanted to show off my heart print shirt.  On the plus side, I’m finding ways to use the pieces already in my closet that don’t get worn enough, which is great since I need to go on a serious spending fast after all those purchases.