A Boots Confession

I have a fashion confession to make:  I don’t own any truly useful boots.  This is actually a reoccurring problem in my closet, it lacks some crucial weather appropriate and useful clothing items.  Since I live in Virginia, it is not a big deal because I can layer and carry an umbrella and then just deal with it.  However, I constantly lament the lack of useful boots, especially when it snows.

[Shirt – Old Navy (Christmas gift from Mom and Dad); Sweater – K-mart ($5); Jeans – Torrid ($40); Boots – Doc Martins (gift from friend); Necklace – gift from a friend]

And then it snowed and no one told me until I ran out the door on an emergency call to work.  When I returned to back home, around 7:30am, I dove into the comfiest clothes I could find and prepared myself for a day of hiding under covers and reading books.  I finally went outside to survey the “snow storm” damage (and take these photos) at which point I dug in the back of my closet and pulled out these ancient Doc Martins.  They were gifted to me from a friend about eight years ago when she headed off to college in Florida and said she wouldn’t need them anymore.  They are not water-proof so if the snow is deeper than the dusting we have here, my feet get wet.  Also, these boots are not broken in, even though I’ve had them for eight years, so they are a bit pokey along my ankle.

It is cool though because Doc Martins are classics and always in style.  (Although, I might need to lose the neon green laces with the dark green boots next time.)  I tried the very unfortunate move of tucking my skinny jeans into my boots, but somehow I screwed that up royally.  It looked awful, but once again, if the snow were any deeper I would have had to forgo fashion for drier pants.  Maybe the fact that I’ve lived the past 8 years without any weather-proof boots to speak of is a sign that they are not really necessary in my life.  Closet space is at a premium for me so I’m spending my days dreaming about these:

The Fitzwell Edeen Wide Calf Boot in Cognac

I have wanted some version of these Fitzwell boots since I first watched Firefly in college and decided that boots with buckles was a MAJOR fashion priority. Although they still tend more towards fashion than weather proof, I think I’m getting closer. Maybe someday I’ll have both fashionable and weather proof boots but since that day will probably not come before I head to New York next week, any suggestions for how to keep my feet dry and comfy on streets of New York in February?


Making a Dress into a Skirt – Not as Difficult as it Seems

I actually went to a holiday party this year and I am insanely late in posting my outfit from that night.  I had been trying to find a way to use this dress as a skirt for a while now and after quite a few tries, I think I finally succeeded.

[Sweater – Worthington (found in my winter clothes Tupperware); Dress – City Chic ($36); Leggings – Old Navy ($10); Shoes – Merona ($9); Pin – From an old Sweater]

I absolutely adore this dress.  It is the Florentine Dress from City Chic, it is cut very much the same as this dress only it’s black and sparkly.  The only issue is the straps, and lack of sleeves which makes it difficult to wear except in summer.  But I couldn’t quite find a way to wear a shirt over this dress without it looking funny, particularly with the higher waistline and full skirt.  This sweater was just hanging in my closet looking lonely in its festive green color so I had to try it. I think it works well actually. The sweater is tight and hugs all of my curves and the v-neck shows off some skin while still keeping me pretty warm.

I found this sweater while digging through my old clothes.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately, trying to shop my clothes and sort through all of the boxes full of sweaters, winter clothes, summer things, clothes that may fit if I lost a few pounds and all of the other things.  I’ve been sorting, donating things, and sometimes finding rare jewels that I had forgotten I even owned.  This is further proof that you should regularly go through your closet to reintroduce yourself to them and get rid of the ones that do not work for you currently or no longer fit.

I include this last photo even though the lighting is ridiculous and it is blurry but the color of the sweater is much more accurate.

Cherry Sweater Day – OOTD

This sweater proves one of those classic fashion idioms, that you always have to try on clothes instead of judging them from the hanger.

I saw this sweater a few times on Torrid.com but was always turned off by the fact that it has a lace back. In fact, I even scoffed at it when Bot handed it to me at the Torrid store to try on. “No, no,” I said, “I’ve looked at that one, it has a lace back. That will totally look funny.”  Bot probably replied with a simple shrug, which I, of course, took as a challenge and the rest is history- clearly it came home with me.

[Sweater – Torrid ($37); Tank – Old Navy (gift from mom); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Heels – Merona ($9)]

I have been a bit of a homebody lately, so this is an outfit I wore around the house. These jeans are my new Old Navy Sweetheart bootcuts which I blamed my pre-Christmas shopping spree on. They fit great and look pretty good, if I do say so myself.  The only issue that I had with this outfit did revolve around the cherry sweater though. I forgot that I was wearing a sweater with a lace back, which means I have to consider how clothes under my sweater look from the back.  For this outfit it meant that my bra straps were rather prominent and I have to remember to cut the tab out of the cardigan because it can be seen and is a bit distracting.  Otherwise, I do love this sweater, the print is adorable (although my brother commented that I looked like a level of PacMan) and the sleeve length is perfect.  There is nothing better than having another go to sweater, even if it makes you be a bit more conscious in your under-sweater choices.

OOTD – My First Pencil Skirt

I bought this skirt last year during my shopping spree at Torrid. It was on super sale for only $17 so I snapped it up.  This was my first attempt at styling it.

[Skirt – Torrid ($17); Shirt – Old Navy ($10); Cardigan – Kmart ($5); Heels – Target ($9); Necklace – From Grandmother’s Costume jewelry]

Not too shabby for a day spent running errands. I have to say that I am a fan of this skirt, particularly for the price.  The polka dots are the funky something extra that work really well on this classic wardrobe piece.  At first I wasn’t sure how I would like how the skirt hits below the knee but I think it works. Also, I can hitch the skirt up a bit and it hits right at the knee, although I have to find a way to secure it that way; safety pins maybe?

A New Year Remix

It has been a while since I’ve been around these parts. I am sorry if you’ve missed me. Just as IFB predicted, the holidays got busy and I didn’t make this blog a priority.  I am working on this though and I thought I would start this new year off with one of the first outfits I posted last year, remixed.

[Dress – Lane Bryant ($25); Tights – We Love Colors (gift from MIL); Boots – Old Navy ($15)]

The core of this outfit is the same as before, the knit denim dress from Lane Bryant, but I think the differences highlight how my fashion has evolved this year.  Instead of the black tights, I went with a pair of We Love Colors burgundy ones that I got for Christmas from my mother-in-law.  They add a pop of color in an interesting way and they are much more daring than the black tights from last year. The next major change is the shoes- tan boots that compliment the belt of the dress.  These boots give the whole outfit some interest, as opposed to the black heels (which I love) but were just boring the first time around.  Finally, it is the small details that really show how my style has developed.  Instead of a simple necklace, I’ve added a bunch of bracelets and big earrings that stand out against my hair.

So what does that mean? I guess my style is a little bit more daring and more put together than a year ago.  I’m pretty happy about that.