A New Year Remix

It has been a while since I’ve been around these parts. I am sorry if you’ve missed me. Just as IFB predicted, the holidays got busy and I didn’t make this blog a priority.  I am working on this though and I thought I would start this new year off with one of the first outfits I posted last year, remixed.

[Dress – Lane Bryant ($25); Tights – We Love Colors (gift from MIL); Boots – Old Navy ($15)]

The core of this outfit is the same as before, the knit denim dress from Lane Bryant, but I think the differences highlight how my fashion has evolved this year.  Instead of the black tights, I went with a pair of We Love Colors burgundy ones that I got for Christmas from my mother-in-law.  They add a pop of color in an interesting way and they are much more daring than the black tights from last year. The next major change is the shoes- tan boots that compliment the belt of the dress.  These boots give the whole outfit some interest, as opposed to the black heels (which I love) but were just boring the first time around.  Finally, it is the small details that really show how my style has developed.  Instead of a simple necklace, I’ve added a bunch of bracelets and big earrings that stand out against my hair.

So what does that mean? I guess my style is a little bit more daring and more put together than a year ago.  I’m pretty happy about that.


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