Cherry Sweater Day – OOTD

This sweater proves one of those classic fashion idioms, that you always have to try on clothes instead of judging them from the hanger.

I saw this sweater a few times on but was always turned off by the fact that it has a lace back. In fact, I even scoffed at it when Bot handed it to me at the Torrid store to try on. “No, no,” I said, “I’ve looked at that one, it has a lace back. That will totally look funny.”  Bot probably replied with a simple shrug, which I, of course, took as a challenge and the rest is history- clearly it came home with me.

[Sweater – Torrid ($37); Tank – Old Navy (gift from mom); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Heels – Merona ($9)]

I have been a bit of a homebody lately, so this is an outfit I wore around the house. These jeans are my new Old Navy Sweetheart bootcuts which I blamed my pre-Christmas shopping spree on. They fit great and look pretty good, if I do say so myself.  The only issue that I had with this outfit did revolve around the cherry sweater though. I forgot that I was wearing a sweater with a lace back, which means I have to consider how clothes under my sweater look from the back.  For this outfit it meant that my bra straps were rather prominent and I have to remember to cut the tab out of the cardigan because it can be seen and is a bit distracting.  Otherwise, I do love this sweater, the print is adorable (although my brother commented that I looked like a level of PacMan) and the sleeve length is perfect.  There is nothing better than having another go to sweater, even if it makes you be a bit more conscious in your under-sweater choices.


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