Making a Dress into a Skirt – Not as Difficult as it Seems

I actually went to a holiday party this year and I am insanely late in posting my outfit from that night.  I had been trying to find a way to use this dress as a skirt for a while now and after quite a few tries, I think I finally succeeded.

[Sweater – Worthington (found in my winter clothes Tupperware); Dress – City Chic ($36); Leggings – Old Navy ($10); Shoes – Merona ($9); Pin – From an old Sweater]

I absolutely adore this dress.  It is the Florentine Dress from City Chic, it is cut very much the same as this dress only it’s black and sparkly.  The only issue is the straps, and lack of sleeves which makes it difficult to wear except in summer.  But I couldn’t quite find a way to wear a shirt over this dress without it looking funny, particularly with the higher waistline and full skirt.  This sweater was just hanging in my closet looking lonely in its festive green color so I had to try it. I think it works well actually. The sweater is tight and hugs all of my curves and the v-neck shows off some skin while still keeping me pretty warm.

I found this sweater while digging through my old clothes.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately, trying to shop my clothes and sort through all of the boxes full of sweaters, winter clothes, summer things, clothes that may fit if I lost a few pounds and all of the other things.  I’ve been sorting, donating things, and sometimes finding rare jewels that I had forgotten I even owned.  This is further proof that you should regularly go through your closet to reintroduce yourself to them and get rid of the ones that do not work for you currently or no longer fit.

I include this last photo even though the lighting is ridiculous and it is blurry but the color of the sweater is much more accurate.


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