A Boots Confession

I have a fashion confession to make:  I don’t own any truly useful boots.  This is actually a reoccurring problem in my closet, it lacks some crucial weather appropriate and useful clothing items.  Since I live in Virginia, it is not a big deal because I can layer and carry an umbrella and then just deal with it.  However, I constantly lament the lack of useful boots, especially when it snows.

[Shirt – Old Navy (Christmas gift from Mom and Dad); Sweater – K-mart ($5); Jeans – Torrid ($40); Boots – Doc Martins (gift from friend); Necklace – gift from a friend]

And then it snowed and no one told me until I ran out the door on an emergency call to work.  When I returned to back home, around 7:30am, I dove into the comfiest clothes I could find and prepared myself for a day of hiding under covers and reading books.  I finally went outside to survey the “snow storm” damage (and take these photos) at which point I dug in the back of my closet and pulled out these ancient Doc Martins.  They were gifted to me from a friend about eight years ago when she headed off to college in Florida and said she wouldn’t need them anymore.  They are not water-proof so if the snow is deeper than the dusting we have here, my feet get wet.  Also, these boots are not broken in, even though I’ve had them for eight years, so they are a bit pokey along my ankle.

It is cool though because Doc Martins are classics and always in style.  (Although, I might need to lose the neon green laces with the dark green boots next time.)  I tried the very unfortunate move of tucking my skinny jeans into my boots, but somehow I screwed that up royally.  It looked awful, but once again, if the snow were any deeper I would have had to forgo fashion for drier pants.  Maybe the fact that I’ve lived the past 8 years without any weather-proof boots to speak of is a sign that they are not really necessary in my life.  Closet space is at a premium for me so I’m spending my days dreaming about these:

The Fitzwell Edeen Wide Calf Boot in Cognac

I have wanted some version of these Fitzwell boots since I first watched Firefly in college and decided that boots with buckles was a MAJOR fashion priority. Although they still tend more towards fashion than weather proof, I think I’m getting closer. Maybe someday I’ll have both fashionable and weather proof boots but since that day will probably not come before I head to New York next week, any suggestions for how to keep my feet dry and comfy on streets of New York in February?


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