The Outfit that Almost Never Was

I normally have two types of outfits, the ones that I just threw on because I needed to put on clothes (and those are not not particularly share worthy) and then there are those that I laboriously put together (which is normally what you see in these posts.)   But then, out of no where, I walked into my room one day and pulled these pieces out of my closet and put together this outfit, and it was just that easy.

[Shirt – Actually a dress from Forever 21+ ($30ish?); Skirt – H&M (found in my boxes of forgotten clothes); Jacket – Torrid (Christmas Gift from Bot); Heels – Madden Girl ($30); Necklace – Yochi (Gift from Bot); Bracelet (found in my jewelery box, honestly I have no idea)]

This is an outfit mysteriously made up of gifts, hidden gems from the back of my closet and my trusty black heels.   The bottom half of the dress is a grey pencil skirt that is a little too tight so it acted more like a shaping slip for this outfit.  I think there is something about the combination of the cowl neck top, structured blazer, and floofy lace that works really well.

I’ve recommended at least once on this blog that everyone should regularly go through their own closet and clean out old clothes that they haven’t worn in a while or that no longer fit.  Well, obviously I did not follow my own advice.  If I had, I would not have found this beautiful H&M skirt squirreled away in a box of unworn clothes from high school.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend hiding clothes from yourself for over ten years but in this particular case it worked out for me.

Sorry for my absence the past week or two I am busy planning for my upcoming trip to New York.  It’s difficult to be a minimal packer when traveling to one of the most fabulous cities in the world.


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