Valentine’s Day Pt. 2 OOTD

My husband and I have a tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day twice. It started on our first Valentine’s day when we had just started dating in college. I had a huge Latin test the next day and needed to spend the majority of Valentine’s night studying my translations, so  I decided to make a quick spaghetti dinner for us in Bot’s dorm kitchen to celebrate and we would do a “real” dinner later in the week.  Thus the tradition began, two Valentine’s days, the first is always a simple(ish) Italian meal made at home and the second is a nice dinner out.  This is what I wore for Valentine’s Day Pt. 2 this year.

Looking at the pictures Bot took with my Iphone.

[DressMonif C (Christmas gift from MIL); Tights – We Love Colors (Christmas Gift from MIL); Heels – Merona/Target ($9); Instant Sleeves – Lucie Lu ($22); Headband – NY&C ($15ish?)]

I absolutely love this Monif C dress! I begged, pleaded and bargained for it as soon as it went for sale on Monif C’s site. I loved how dramatic it is with the black velvet, lace and gold and I stalked it online.  But Bot and I had just revamped our plan to pay off our debt and the end of my car payment was within my sight so I resisted purchasing.  Then before Christmas, Bot kept dropping hints about the big gift he had gotten me and I dared to hope again. On Christmas morning, when we first opened gifts, there was no dress.  Other fabulous presents, but no dress.  I wasn’t disappointed because, let’s be honest, it was Christmas morning and I was surrounded by my family and many fabulous things.  So, later that day, when Bot and I headed to his parent’s house to celebrate, I was snuggled on my In-Law’s floor, basking in the presence of the whole family together for Christmas this year and opening presents with reckless abandon, I did not expect the soft velvet of this dress to slip over my hands.  Let’s just say I freaked out. Maybe not outwardly, because I am aware that a grown woman screaming and jumping up and down in excitement about a Christmas present is a bit much, but inwardly I was stomping my feet and screaming my head off.

The dress is everything I hoped for. It is so dramatic without being too over the top. I wore it to Valentine’s dinner Pt 2 at our favorite Thai Restaurant and while I was certainly more dressy than everyone else there, I was by no means over dressed. Looking at these photos, I thought maybe I should have gone with a size 3 (22/24) as opposed to the 2 (18/20) you see me in because the dress clings to my hips a bit much.  However, it fits perfectly in the chest and I’m afraid the 3 would have been loose there.  I added my Lucie Lu Instant sleeves because VA weather was attempting to be a bit like winter this week, though not enough to necessitate a coat until the sun went down. Otherwise, I kept the outfit simple wearing no jewelry other than my wedding rings and a simple headband in order to let the dress take center stage and shine.

Gratuitous Instagram shot.

Many Thanks to my Mom and Dad (in Law) who made this outfit possible. Love you both!


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