A Day at the Met

My trip to New York was a much needed and very welcome vacation. I can’t believe I have already been back for two weeks!  I resolved this year to stop complaining about missing people and instead go visit them and I started with my dear friend S. who lives in the Bronx. She’s getting married this summer and so we spent a large part of the trip relaxing in her apartment talking about the wedding (or on buses or the subway talking about her wedding.)  Although I probably would have been content to drink coffee and eat Italian food from Arthur Ave all weekend while we discussed dresses, flowers, and wedding showers, S. had to teach on Friday so I shuttled off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see another dear friend C. who is interning there.

So after a wonderful lunch where C. and I caught up on each others’ lives, including our husbands and puppies who were both friends in Atlanta, I spent a few (5+) hours wandering around the Museum.  The problem with the Met is that there is no possible way for you to look at all of the wonderful art collected there in one day! I had to settle for visiting some of my favorite pieces housed there and accept the fact that I would have to come back to visit the other areas.  I spent a bunch of time visiting the Egyptian art, because William is adorable, and in the European Painting Galleries because EVERY SINGLE ROOM had something amazing in it. As soon as I was tired and ready to head for the exit and visit a different gallery I would find a room full of Vermeer paintings, or Caravaggio, or Rubens and so on.

Then I made my way to the Renaissance Portrait Exhibit, which was absolutely fantastic.  It was very big! Much larger than I was expecting, even though I was warned. The Botticelli, “Ideal Portrait of a Lady” was particularly beautiful, but then again, I do have a soft spot in my heart for early Renaissance portraits of women from Florence.  Maybe one of the most interesting parts of the exhibit was the diverse crowd of people that had gathered to enjoy it; young artists and students sketched paintings and busts beside aged Italian men who argued about the merits of the Medici control of Florence.  If you are in the NYC area I would highly recommend you go see it, and soon; the exhibit closes in a few weeks on March 18th.

Before I made my way upstairs to visit the painting, I did get lost in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Galleries only to end up in the snazzy new bathrooms of the remodeled American Art Galleries where I snapped this quick photo of myself in the mirror.

[Shirt – City Chic ($12.80), Pants – Torrid ($36), Shoes – Miz Mooz Oxfords($50), Purse – Marshall’s($25), unseen – Super awesome insoles ($15)]

This was my uniform while I was in New York, except, of course, for the night we went to the Opera.  I purposefully packed light so it wouldn’t take me forever to get dressed in the morning and so that I would have small luggage to tote around the city with me on the first and last days of my stay. (More on how and what I packed in a post later this week.) This outfit was nothing fancy but it did hold up to miles of walking, was super comfortable, and did not fall into the “terrible tourist wearing a t-shirt and tennis shoes” category that I was so desperately trying to avoid.

Strawberry and mint margarita, over-priced and delicious.

When S. was done teaching she joined me for a drink on the balcony where we listened to live music and people watched. Overall, a wonderful day in the city.


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