All Dressed Up with No Where to Go

Every once in a while I put together an outfit that I think is just perfect. I finally manage to accessorize or wear an item that I had been hiding in my closet and it makes me feel great.  This was one such outfit, too bad I didn’t have anywhere to go.

[Jacket – Torrid (Xmas Gift); Shirt – City Chic ($13); Skirt – ASOS ($15?); Tights – We Love Colors (Xmas Gift); Heels – Madden Girl ($30); Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bday Gift from Bot); Scarf – Urban Outfitters (borrowed from Mom)]

I bought this skirt from ASOS over a year ago when I was living in Atlanta.  I had just found out about ASOS Curve and was desperate to buy some of their fashion forward plus size options.  Then I saw this post by Nat and I fell in love with the lace dress and decided to buy it right away.  I also threw this black linen pencil skirt in my order as well because it was on sale for a steal and I thought, why not?  But then when the skirt arrived I was less than thrilled.  It hugged my curves as a pencil skirt should but I wasn’t as comfortable with myself at that time so it sat in my closet.  (I probably should have returned it but we all know how terrible I am about remembering to return things within the proper time frame.)  Then I put this skirt on earlier this month when I was cleaning out my closet and was amazed at how much I loved this skirt.  It had been over a year since I had first put on this skirt and, well, what a difference a year can make.  Not in my size, but in my mentality.  Now I love the way the skirt hugs my curves, and I even tucked in my favorite City Chic shirt to highlight the skirt’s high waist.  I’ve come a long way and I’m rather proud of myself.  It doesn’t hurt that I think I look fabulous in this outfit.


4 thoughts on “All Dressed Up with No Where to Go

  1. Really cute! I love the purple with the green and turquoise. I always find it interesting when I put something on and think, “Wow, I’ve really changed.” I noticed it most during bathing suit season. As for getting dressed up with no where to go, those are some of the best times to try out new looks. I always take pics so I can use the outfit later 🙂

  2. This is such a super cute outfit! I love the way the skirt looks on you too, we all have the curves, it just takes a while to feel completely comfortable with them. What I really am in love with though is the bag!

    • Thanks! I am so in love with this bag too! I was searching online forever trying to find the “perfect” leather purse. I wanted both short handle straps and a longer shoulder strap so it would be versicle and then I wanted it to have a little something extra. When I saw this one by Marc by Marc Jacobs in spinach green, I fell in love. It is my first designer purse so I still only bring it out once in a while, most of the time it lives in my closet which is pretty sad. But I’m rather certain that one day I’ll end up spilling coffee all over it if I bring the bag to work so it living in my closet is better than being ruined…

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