How Would You Style It?

Stefanie Bezaire just launched her new Spring 2012 line and in honor of this I decided to try and restyle my Stefanie V Neck dress.

[Dress – Stefanie Bezaire ($267); Belt – Lane Bryant (came with a dress); Tights – We Love Colors (gift from MIL); Boots – Old Navy ($15)

This dress is way out of my normal price range, beware the sticker shock.  I saved my tips for over two months last year and bought it as a splurge for myself.  Since then, I’ve never been quite sure about the dress though.  I think I like the way this is styled.  The belt echos the color of the boots and the pop of the cranberry tights gives it a little something extra.  I also really like the contrast of the girly dress and the cowboy-ish boots.  But I am still not quite sure about this outfit or the dress in general.  Maybe it doesn’t fit just quite right or maybe its all in my imagination but it never looks the way I want it to, the way I picture it looking in my head.

What do you think? Should I keep trying?  How would you guys style this dress?


2 thoughts on “How Would You Style It?

  1. I remember this dress! I love the print. I think you did a good job styling it a little “country”, with the tan & cranberry. You could always go the “classic” route, maybe a thin black belt, cardigan, short (maybe pearl?) necklace. You could also try it with orange or pink accessories. Blue and orange are big for this season!

    The dress does look a little too big around the waist. If you’re still in love with it, maybe it would be worth bringing to a tailor? For $30 (give or take), you can fix the fit issues and maybe that will help things look the way you want. You could always try it out with pins or tape first! To see if it works.

    • Oo, that’s a great idea to pair it with orange. I would never have thought of that. I have a short orange cardigan that I could try it with and a thin black belt too! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

      I’ve actually been thinking about taking a number of things to a tailor. I have this cute black and silver pencil skirt that hits at the wrong place on me that I’ve been meaning to put darts in for a year. Since, I’ve still yet to fix it myself it is probably time to take it to the professionals.

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