Why I Never Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Growing up as an Irish American, I have always kinda hated St. Patrick’s Day.  You see, I grew up in a middle to upper class predominately Caucasian area, where (other than the one guy whose family had recently emigrated from the Emerald Isle) my red hair was as Irish as the area got.  Which basically meant that St. Patrick’s day was an excuse for everyone to dress up in green from head to toe, throw a bunch of glitter on their faces and mercilessly pinch people who forgot (or, like me, refused) to wear green.  It is not that I didn’t like wearing the color green, on the contrary, I loved it! I wore green all of the time, it was my signature color and I hated that the rest of the world only seemed to catch on to its awesomeness one day of the year.  Lucky for the rest of the world, I’ve mellowed as I’ve grown up and no longer yell at people that it is “unlucky for the Irish to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.”*  Instead, I have taken to drinking a good beer and probably a shot of whiskey and eating a few potatoes while toasting my Irish American ancestors.

So in honor of this celebration of my ancestors I suggest you get yourself something green and not one of those cheap “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts but something beautiful that you will treasure.  The following are my favorite green things at the moment.

This green pencil skirt by Eloquii is absolutely fantastic.  The classic tailored look tames down the bright green color for those who are still afraid of it.  Pair it with neutrals like a classic white button down or a tan sweater.  Or better yet, take inspiration from Jessica of Surely Sonsy because she rocks the teal version of this skirt.

This Kiyonna Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress has been on my lust list since last year but it has only recently come back in stock in Kelly Green, aka the color of my dreams.  I’m pretty sure that this dress is going to make its way into my closet this year.  I think I’ll curl my hair and wear it with my nude wedges.

I’ve been searching for a great pair of green jeans for a while, well, ever since the Asos Curve green skinny jeans sold out before I realized that, yes, I really do need a pair of green pants in my life.  I’ve been contemplating these Fire Plus Green Skinny jeans for the past few weeks.  The color of green just looks very different between the two promotional photos of the pants.  I wonder which image is more true to color?

What about you? What are your favorite green pieces this season? And how are you spending your St. Patrick’s day?

*I have no idea where I got this information, I tried to figure it out by googling but only found hilarity about fairies stealing babies who wear green.  If you feel like following me down the rabbit hole read this and this.  This is the most interesting article I found but has nothing to do with the color green but rather the prevalence (or lack there of) of “Irish Need Not Apply” signs.


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