How I Got the Job OOTD

I’ve had quite a few interviews over the past two weeks. Some were phone interviews and four were face to face interviews.  I wore the same outfit to all of my first interviews, which I’ll show you another time, but this is what I wore to my final interview, after which I got the job!

[Shirt- Calvin Klein from Macy’s ($40, early B-day gift from Mom); Jacket – Torrid (Xmas gift); Pants – Alfani from Macy’s ($55); Shoes- Chinese Laundry (borrowed from Mom); Earrings – Made by Me; Bag – NY&Co ($14); Sunglasses – Target ($13)]

Sorry about the sunglasses but I had to get some quick photos before I changed into my “celebrating that I got the job” outfit and it was so bright outside.  This was my second interview, just a meet and greet with the V.P. of the company, who wanted to talk to me in person before they extended the offer. It’s only a temporary, part time position but I’m super excited about it.  Here is hoping that this leads to something more permanent and full time.

About the outfit, I only had an hour to get ready for this interview, it was sort of a last minute thing, so I threw this together real quick.  Since it was only an informal meeting I wanted to wear something a bit more bright and cheerful so I grabbed this Calvin Klein top that I picked up during my crazy shopping spree last week.  Nothing too fancy really, except the ruched-sleeved blazer from Torrid.  This is particularly good for me because jacket sleeves have a tendency to be too long on me.

The craziest part of this outfit is the bag.  Okay, so the bag isn’t crazy but I did get it suck in a Metro train door the other day. Seriously! I was following this elderly lady into the train and she didn’t move far enough into the Metro and the doors closed on my bag. I had to wrestle it free before the train started moving with all of the other passengers looking on.  When I finally freed it, my fellow passengers cheered me on, which made me feel even worse.  But I got the job!  So I guess sometimes you need to get some purses caught in doors to get things done, or something.


How to Style a Graphic Tee Pt. 3: Desperate Grad Student Edition

I thought I would end my “How to Style A Graphic Tee” week with a less than successful t-shirt styling.  We all have our histories and our fashion mistakes and so I thought I would share a lesson with you. If this were a Henry Fielding novel the title of this chapter would be, “In Which our Heroine Attempts to Wear a T-Shirt with a Jacket and Realizes that a Blazer Cannot Fix Every Fashion Mistake She Makes.” Let’s read along shall we?

Full Bodied Fashion - How to Style a Graphic Tee

[Tee – Threadless ($10); Jacket – Lane Bryant (Bought forever ago); Jeans – Talbots ($25); Heels – Merona/Target ($30)]

I fell in love with this “Vampire Hunter” shirt from Threadless right away.  I hunted it for a few weeks until they has a $10 tee sale and then I snatched it right up!  When I was in graduate school I would wear this tee all the time during exam week when I was basically living in the library.  You see, as a graduate student I had an open cubby in the library where I could work on my research and store my library books so I wouldn’t have to drag them to and from my apartment day after day.  During exams and the few weeks prior, undergraduates would flock to the library for crazy cram sessions.  Everyday I would have to shoo an undergrad out of my cubby and I began to think of them as pesky vampires (the analogy really didn’t make any sense, since I was the pale one with bags under my eyes who hadn’t seen the sun in a few days.)

So, during one of these crazy, sleep deprived days in the library I realized that I had to lead an exam review session for the students that I T.A.ed.  Thus this outfit was born. I had this jacket stuffed in the locker of my cubby so I threw it on over my Vampire Hunter shirt and buttoned it up all the way. Unfortunately, this arrangement left the pliers visible still.  Luckily, my own group of undergraduate-vampires were too exam-crazed to notice.  I, however, ran into countless Professors and fellow Grad Students in my brief hiatus from the library, and when they cast appraising eyes over my outfit, I was forced to apologize for my outfit and explain about the forgotten review session.

Full Bodied Fashion - How to Style a Graphic Tee

The Infamous Pliers.

The moral of this story? A jacket does not hide all sins, and does not an outfit make.  My Vampire Hunter tee is too dark and busy to pair well with these trouser jeans and the brown jacket.  Instead, I should have mixed up the outfit with a pair of khaki shorts or a lighter skirt. Then I could have played up the “hunter” aspect by donning boots and chunky, metallic bracelets to give the look of bracers.  So second moral of the story? Always learn from your mistakes! (For instance, always send yourself multiple reminders about exam review sessions…)

Full Bodied Fashion - How to Style a Graphic Tee

Something like this maybe?

Full Bodied Fashion - How to Style A Graphic Tee

Full Bodied Fashion - How to Style a Graphic Tee

How about you? What is your biggest fashion mistake? How did you learn from it?

How to Style A Graphic Tee Pt 2

Do you ever have one of those days when you really want to wear a pencil skirt and nothing else will do?  Even when you’ve already decided to spend the week styling Graphic Tees.   On those days you create something slightly weird but rather fantastic.  (But its okay, Kendi did it too!)

[Tee – Teefury ($10); Skirt – Torrid ($17); Flats – BCBG ($40); Sweater – Banana Republic Factory ($25); Ring – Ruche (gift from Bot)]

I’m a bit embarrassed by how much I’ve been wearing this Torrid pencil skirt lately.  There is something about pencil skirts that is just really comforting to me. Everything is all locked in, fully covered and yet I feel extra classy and pretty in them, which was why I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of this Zombie Nouveau tee with the structured skirt. At first, I thought this outfit would be a little bit of a stunt. I figured someone would mention the fact that I was wearing a fancy skirt and a zombie shirt.  But then I looked in the mirror and fell in love with this outfit.  The polka-dot skirt already has a sense of whimsy so the zombie shirt is less of a surprise and the cardigan, which is also spotted, just completes the outfit.

Originally I had planned to wear a black blazer with this outfit, but I was too excited to wear this chartreuse cardigan, one of my recent purchases from a Banana Republic Factory Store.  At first, my friend Jess and I could not decide if we loved it or hated it.  Well, that is not totally true, I was in love right away, but when I held it up she made this face that said she thought it was hideous.  But she has a great eye and suggested I try it with navy, and when I tried it on with this dark purple and navy top we both made goo-goo eyes and fell in love. Plus, it is a perfect zombie color!

What do you guys think? Do you mix causal and professional pieces?

How to Style a Graphic Tee Pt. 1

My closet is full of graphic tee shirts. I absolutely love them. I think it is a hold over from high school and college when my outfits mostly consisted of throwing on a pair of jeans or corduroys and a band tee shirt.  Now a days I have fewer band shirts but a ton of other graphic tees. I collect some from my favorite fandoms (Firefly, Game of Thrones, etc) most of which I get from TeeFury, as well as just fun tees from Threadless. So I figured for the next few posts I would display different ways to style a graphic Tee. This first look is a more polished version of what I wore in high school, for lack of a better term we’re going to call it “High School Hipster” style.


[Shirt – Panic! At the Disco (gift); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Cardigan – Gap ($20); Oxfords – Miz Mooz ($50); Owl necklace – Forever 21 ($10?); Locket -Made by Me; Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from Bot); Belt – from Lane Bryant Dress]

So you cannot tell from any of these outfit photos but that is a Panic! at the Disco shirt under that boyfriend cardigan.  It was a gift form a coworker who went to see them a few months ago. I was obsessed with Panic! in college so really, this shirt works well with the nostalgia look I’ve got going on here.  So the cuffed jeans are a must, I always wore my jeans cuffed in high school, partly because I’m short and I never wanted to hem them and partly because I honestly thought that cuffed jeans were super hipster cool. That is the reason I got these glasses, even though they are not a style that works well with my astigmatism (and because of that I rarely wear them now, mostly I use contacts.)  The combination of this boyfriend cardigan, owl necklace, and the oxfords really work to complete the outfit with a sort of nerdy vibe, which I like.

This is an elevated look from what I would have worn in high school. For starters, I only wore Chuck Taylors in high school, (and I still wear them today because, lets be honest, they are awesome) but there is something about a pair of really nice leather oxfords that takes this look up a notch.  Secondly, the band shirt is an element of the outfit, but not the statement piece. I’m not trying to show off a band I like but rather creating an outfit with the pieces in my wardrobe.  Finally, my Marc Jacobs purse adds a pop of color and a touch of designer which none of my thrifted/hipster outfits from school had. Overall, I think the purse does not work as well with the outfit but I didn’t feel like moving everything between bags before I took pictures.

How about you guys? Are you obsessed with graphic tees too? How do you wear them?

A Bit of Blog Housekeeping

I am never sure how much of my present life to share here with you, my wonderful readers, since a lot of it is rather boring.  However, there have been some changes in my life recently that will effect this space so it seemed like a good time to share.  Bot, my husband, is getting a promotion that will lead us away from the great state of Virginia this summer, but only a few hours north to Maryland.  Also, I’ve left my job as a Coffee-Princess-Barista-Extraordinaire and I am currently looking for a new career.  What does this mean for “Full Bodied Fashion”?  Well, I’m going to be doing some housekeeping around here and the style of my outfits might change from the casual to a bit more professional as I look for a job in an office environment. It also means that my budget is going to be a bit more flexible and, for at least the next few weeks, I will probably be shopping and spending a lot more than normal.  For now though, I hope that it will mean that I have more time to post here.

I mentioned the shopping right?  Well, I’ve done a lot of shopping lately. In theory, all of this shopping is to create a more career oriented wardrobe. I have a few blazers and suit jackets and some professional bottoms but had very few nice looking blouses and tops.  Thus, I started shopping.  At first it was innocent: I was shopping for an interview outfit and I had a list (black dress pants, pantyhose, black pumps and a nice top) and then it spiraled.  By the end of my week of shopping adventures, I had bought 13 tops, a cardigan, a pencil skirt, a pair of dress pants, a faux-wrap dress and a fabulous pair of black pumps.  I’ve been wearing quite a few of these recently for job interviews but I haven’t gotten any pictures of those outfits.  Hopefully, I’ll capture a few of these new pieces in outfits this week.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in interview outfits? Are you looking for career changes too?

Hearts and Dots: A Tale of Two Prints

I distinctly remember my first foray into mixing prints.  I was in middle school and reading a whole bunch of teen magazines, all of which seemed to tell me that mixing prints was okay.  They would have whole spreads of girls wearing plaid skirts with off print tops and maybe even a loose tie over a non collared shirt. It was totally crazy and I was in love with it. Well love makes you do stupid things. Like convince your mom to buy you the two most ridiculous print shirts you can find at your local Fashion Bug and wear them together over a pair of hippie daisy embroidered jeans.  It was not pretty, beyond not pretty, it was horrifying and I was convinced that everyone in the entire middle school was laughing at me.  I spent the majority of my remaining middle school years in over-sized men’s jeans and band tee shirts and I never wore either of those shirts again.

[Shirt – City Chic ($13); Skirt – Torrid ($17); Flats – BCBG ($40); Purse – Marshalls ($20ish); Headband – NY&Co; Necklace – Made by Me]

After that experience, you would probably excuse me from ever trying this “Mixing Prints” trend but so many of my fellow bloggers are trying it and I was feeling particularly daring last week.  I decided to keep it pretty simple, my favorite City Chic top which has been featured on this blog multiple times before and my polka-dot pencil skirt from Torrid.  I really think this works. The prints are so simple and the black hearts echo the black body of the skirt.   The hearts and dots are spaced somewhat similarly so its almost as if the hearts melt into dots on the bottom of the outfit.

Really, its not a very daring mix at all.  Yet, I walked around all day with my head held high, because I had conquered my fear of mixing prints.  I had risen above my horrifying middle school memory.  Also, I absolutely love both of these pieces and putting them together made me feel like I could climb mountains or jump over boulders, well, fashion related mountains and boulders.

This is my fashion superhero pose! Apparently during this shoot I either look really angry or really pissed off in all of the photos, oh well.

What do you guys think? Do you get a particular thrill from conquering a fashion fear or trying a new trend?