Hearts and Dots: A Tale of Two Prints

I distinctly remember my first foray into mixing prints.  I was in middle school and reading a whole bunch of teen magazines, all of which seemed to tell me that mixing prints was okay.  They would have whole spreads of girls wearing plaid skirts with off print tops and maybe even a loose tie over a non collared shirt. It was totally crazy and I was in love with it. Well love makes you do stupid things. Like convince your mom to buy you the two most ridiculous print shirts you can find at your local Fashion Bug and wear them together over a pair of hippie daisy embroidered jeans.  It was not pretty, beyond not pretty, it was horrifying and I was convinced that everyone in the entire middle school was laughing at me.  I spent the majority of my remaining middle school years in over-sized men’s jeans and band tee shirts and I never wore either of those shirts again.

[Shirt – City Chic ($13); Skirt – Torrid ($17); Flats – BCBG ($40); Purse – Marshalls ($20ish); Headband – NY&Co; Necklace – Made by Me]

After that experience, you would probably excuse me from ever trying this “Mixing Prints” trend but so many of my fellow bloggers are trying it and I was feeling particularly daring last week.  I decided to keep it pretty simple, my favorite City Chic top which has been featured on this blog multiple times before and my polka-dot pencil skirt from Torrid.  I really think this works. The prints are so simple and the black hearts echo the black body of the skirt.   The hearts and dots are spaced somewhat similarly so its almost as if the hearts melt into dots on the bottom of the outfit.

Really, its not a very daring mix at all.  Yet, I walked around all day with my head held high, because I had conquered my fear of mixing prints.  I had risen above my horrifying middle school memory.  Also, I absolutely love both of these pieces and putting them together made me feel like I could climb mountains or jump over boulders, well, fashion related mountains and boulders.

This is my fashion superhero pose! Apparently during this shoot I either look really angry or really pissed off in all of the photos, oh well.

What do you guys think? Do you get a particular thrill from conquering a fashion fear or trying a new trend?


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