How to Style a Graphic Tee Pt. 1

My closet is full of graphic tee shirts. I absolutely love them. I think it is a hold over from high school and college when my outfits mostly consisted of throwing on a pair of jeans or corduroys and a band tee shirt.  Now a days I have fewer band shirts but a ton of other graphic tees. I collect some from my favorite fandoms (Firefly, Game of Thrones, etc) most of which I get from TeeFury, as well as just fun tees from Threadless. So I figured for the next few posts I would display different ways to style a graphic Tee. This first look is a more polished version of what I wore in high school, for lack of a better term we’re going to call it “High School Hipster” style.


[Shirt – Panic! At the Disco (gift); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Cardigan – Gap ($20); Oxfords – Miz Mooz ($50); Owl necklace – Forever 21 ($10?); Locket -Made by Me; Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from Bot); Belt – from Lane Bryant Dress]

So you cannot tell from any of these outfit photos but that is a Panic! at the Disco shirt under that boyfriend cardigan.  It was a gift form a coworker who went to see them a few months ago. I was obsessed with Panic! in college so really, this shirt works well with the nostalgia look I’ve got going on here.  So the cuffed jeans are a must, I always wore my jeans cuffed in high school, partly because I’m short and I never wanted to hem them and partly because I honestly thought that cuffed jeans were super hipster cool. That is the reason I got these glasses, even though they are not a style that works well with my astigmatism (and because of that I rarely wear them now, mostly I use contacts.)  The combination of this boyfriend cardigan, owl necklace, and the oxfords really work to complete the outfit with a sort of nerdy vibe, which I like.

This is an elevated look from what I would have worn in high school. For starters, I only wore Chuck Taylors in high school, (and I still wear them today because, lets be honest, they are awesome) but there is something about a pair of really nice leather oxfords that takes this look up a notch.  Secondly, the band shirt is an element of the outfit, but not the statement piece. I’m not trying to show off a band I like but rather creating an outfit with the pieces in my wardrobe.  Finally, my Marc Jacobs purse adds a pop of color and a touch of designer which none of my thrifted/hipster outfits from school had. Overall, I think the purse does not work as well with the outfit but I didn’t feel like moving everything between bags before I took pictures.

How about you guys? Are you obsessed with graphic tees too? How do you wear them?


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