How to Style A Graphic Tee Pt 2

Do you ever have one of those days when you really want to wear a pencil skirt and nothing else will do?  Even when you’ve already decided to spend the week styling Graphic Tees.   On those days you create something slightly weird but rather fantastic.  (But its okay, Kendi did it too!)

[Tee – Teefury ($10); Skirt – Torrid ($17); Flats – BCBG ($40); Sweater – Banana Republic Factory ($25); Ring – Ruche (gift from Bot)]

I’m a bit embarrassed by how much I’ve been wearing this Torrid pencil skirt lately.  There is something about pencil skirts that is just really comforting to me. Everything is all locked in, fully covered and yet I feel extra classy and pretty in them, which was why I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of this Zombie Nouveau tee with the structured skirt. At first, I thought this outfit would be a little bit of a stunt. I figured someone would mention the fact that I was wearing a fancy skirt and a zombie shirt.  But then I looked in the mirror and fell in love with this outfit.  The polka-dot skirt already has a sense of whimsy so the zombie shirt is less of a surprise and the cardigan, which is also spotted, just completes the outfit.

Originally I had planned to wear a black blazer with this outfit, but I was too excited to wear this chartreuse cardigan, one of my recent purchases from a Banana Republic Factory Store.  At first, my friend Jess and I could not decide if we loved it or hated it.  Well, that is not totally true, I was in love right away, but when I held it up she made this face that said she thought it was hideous.  But she has a great eye and suggested I try it with navy, and when I tried it on with this dark purple and navy top we both made goo-goo eyes and fell in love. Plus, it is a perfect zombie color!

What do you guys think? Do you mix causal and professional pieces?


10 thoughts on “How to Style A Graphic Tee Pt 2

  1. I love this outfit so much! I always have trouble styling tees because i’m not a big fan of jeans, but I think I may have to give this idea a try. I LOVE the polka dot pencil skirt, I can understand why you’ve been wearing it so often!

    • Thank you! I think this is one of my better outfits. I always fall into the rut of putting together jeans and a graphic tee together, but not having jeans means you’ll have to be more creative than I usually am. 🙂 I’m such a sucker for tees that show off my fandoms so I see no end in sight for my graphic tee obsession.

  2. It is definitely a fantastic outfit! Why be embarrassed? The skirt is awesome. It should be worn often!

    I do mix casual and professional pieces, but I think your outfit is way better than my attempts! I’ve worn a t-shirt with a lace pencil skirt and cardigan, but the two latter pieces kind of… camouflaged the tee.

    I do love the cardigan – the color is amazing, I can see why you fell for it!

    • Thank you so much! This skirt has yet to actually make it back into my closet in between washings I’ve been wearing it so much, so I’m glad to have confirmation on its awesomeness!

      I think I end up camouflaging my tees a lot too. Probably because I always feel like I need to “complete” an outfit with a cardigan or blazer. I guess I’ll have to get more creative when summer comes and I can’t hid behind my cardigans. Although, the first time I wore this out of the house I ended up at my in-laws house and was super happy to be wearing a long cardigan so I could mostly cover-up the zombie face. I wasn’t sure my in-laws would appreciate seeing Zombie-Nouveau at their dinner table, whoops.

  3. I casual and business dressy look awesome when paired correctly — which you have done. Awesome how you have a cardigan that matches the tee so perfectly. I love polka dots so I might be a bit biased. I can’t say I’ve ever been in the position where I “really want to wear a pencil skirt and nothing else will do” but I do understand the inclination. I’ve just never been much of a skirt wearer but if I were it would be a pencil skirt or a true maxi skirt. Great job.

    • Thank you so much! I was never much of a skirt wearer until I moved to Atlanta three years ago. Then it got so hot in the spring/summer/fall that I couldn’t stand to wear anything more than a skirt and a tank top.

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