How I Got the Job OOTD

I’ve had quite a few interviews over the past two weeks. Some were phone interviews and four were face to face interviews.  I wore the same outfit to all of my first interviews, which I’ll show you another time, but this is what I wore to my final interview, after which I got the job!

[Shirt- Calvin Klein from Macy’s ($40, early B-day gift from Mom); Jacket – Torrid (Xmas gift); Pants – Alfani from Macy’s ($55); Shoes- Chinese Laundry (borrowed from Mom); Earrings – Made by Me; Bag – NY&Co ($14); Sunglasses – Target ($13)]

Sorry about the sunglasses but I had to get some quick photos before I changed into my “celebrating that I got the job” outfit and it was so bright outside.  This was my second interview, just a meet and greet with the V.P. of the company, who wanted to talk to me in person before they extended the offer. It’s only a temporary, part time position but I’m super excited about it.  Here is hoping that this leads to something more permanent and full time.

About the outfit, I only had an hour to get ready for this interview, it was sort of a last minute thing, so I threw this together real quick.  Since it was only an informal meeting I wanted to wear something a bit more bright and cheerful so I grabbed this Calvin Klein top that I picked up during my crazy shopping spree last week.  Nothing too fancy really, except the ruched-sleeved blazer from Torrid.  This is particularly good for me because jacket sleeves have a tendency to be too long on me.

The craziest part of this outfit is the bag.  Okay, so the bag isn’t crazy but I did get it suck in a Metro train door the other day. Seriously! I was following this elderly lady into the train and she didn’t move far enough into the Metro and the doors closed on my bag. I had to wrestle it free before the train started moving with all of the other passengers looking on.  When I finally freed it, my fellow passengers cheered me on, which made me feel even worse.  But I got the job!  So I guess sometimes you need to get some purses caught in doors to get things done, or something.


2 thoughts on “How I Got the Job OOTD

  1. Wow that’s crazy about your purse!! I would’ve freaked out, but congrats on getting the job!! This is a cute outfit, I really like your pants!

    • I know, its crazy right? I still don’t understand why the door just didn’t open again; I’ve seen it do that again and again over the past few weeks. I guess I haven’t learned everything about the Metro yet…

      These pants are pretty great. Although, the interior button did fall off after one wearing, which was pretty lame. It was easy to sew back on but for $50 I would hope for buttons that stay put.

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