A Nod to Nautical

In my head, anything that has navy and white stripes is “nautical”, particularly if there is also some red involved. So when I threw on this outfit the other Sunday to head to church I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “Hey you! Rocking that nautical trend.”  Then when I looked back at these pictures I realized that there is nothing particularly nautical about them.

[Top – Gap Outlet ($30); Jacket – Torrid (gift from in-laws); Jeans – Talbots ($25); Shoes – Target ($25); Necklace – Florence Street Vendor]

This is one of those outfits that I felt wonderful in and then when I went back and looked at the pictures I was astounded. Ugh, do my jeans really fit like that? Does that white top really wash out my face that much? Why does the striped jacket look so lame instead of how cool it looked in my head. I could not get over it.  In fact, the only thing that I love about the outfit are the shoes, they look great.  However, they pinch my toes terribly, so terribly that I’ve decided to get rid of them.  When I think about it, I had kind of an awful day in this outfit.  Bot and I tried out a new restaurant and it was horrible. I took a midday nap and woke up feeling worse than before I had slept. What do you think? Was it the outfit that ruined my day or was it the day that ruined my outfit?

My apologies for my absence around these parts. I’ve been getting settled in to my new job and getting used to the routine of riding the Metro every morning. It’s not so bad, although I did see a mouse on the tracks the other day. He was a lot cuter than the rat I saw on the tracks of the Subway in NY, I guess we have cuter rodents in DC.


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