How to Dress for a Summer Hootenanny

If you’ve hung around these parts for a while, then you’ve probably heard that one of my best friends is getting married this summer. She is having a very small wedding in Texas so my friend Jess and I decided to throw her and her fiance a party here in Va.

The party had a hootenanny theme with music playing from an ipod (lots of Iron Horse covers of Shins and Modest Mouse songs), plenty of great food (including pies), paper flags, mason jar cocktails, bocce ball, flowers, and tons of time to chat with the happy couple (see how our ideas for the party evolved on my Pin Board here).

[Tank – Old Navy (bought years ago); Jeans – Old Navy ($25); Boots – Old Navy ($15); Headband – Modcloth via Birchbox; Necklace – gift from S.]

I opened my Birchbox last Friday to find this amazing headband from Modcloth. It might be my favorite thing I’ve ever received in my box, which is a bit silly since it is not even a beauty product but its so adorable.  I decided right away to change my Hootenany outfit so I could incorporate the headband. This is what I came up with.

I admit that I did not wear the heeled boots the whole night, I was one of the hostesses after all, which required scampering around a lot. Instead, I grabbed my Birkenstocks to play bocce and fetch drinks. This tank is my go to for hot summer nights, it’s cotton and very light and breezy but happily not sheer.  I cannot say the same for my jeans though, it was entirely too hot to be wearing such tight pants, I was sweating all night.

My number one tip for dressing for a summer hootenanny: comfort is key! Wear loose fitting clothing so you can transition between various activities with ease. I wish I had paired my tank with a pair of cotton shorts or even a maxi skirt, both are comfortable and still allow you to sit in the grass easily and modestly when all of the chairs are taken.

We played a lot of bocce ball! If you are not familiar with the game check it out here. I fell in love with it in Atlanta because one of my favorite bars had a bocce ball court out back. We were lucky because our friend Erik had a full bocci ball set that he brought with him and let us use.  I sipped on a homemade margarita while playing a number of games (I lost every one) so I managed to cross two things off my Summer Checklist.

An action shot! S. and T, the happy couple, are on the right. They had never played bocce before and still beat me…

What do you all think of my hootenanny outfit? What would you wear to a rustic/country themed party or get together? Did you get a modcloth headband in your birchbox too?

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OOTD: And Then I Went Gardening

A weekend ago, Bot and I traveled south down 95 to our friend Jess’s house to hang out and set up for the hootenanny we threw this past weekend.  Jess was wonderful and offered to host the shindig at her house so Bot and I went down to see how we could help set up early. I thought we’d be cutting out paper flags, maybe arranging candles around her house, but instead we did some gardening and, as usual, I did not dress appropriately.

[Shirt – Torrid ($35ish); Tripp NYC Black Skinny Jeans – Torrid ($45); Sandals -Impo (bought forever ago)]

To be fair, this outfit actually worked really well for gardening. My skinny jeans are so stretchy that digging up a back yard and planting grass seed again was super easy.  I did have to kick off my heeled sandals but gardening is no fun if you can’t squish some dirt between your toes.

This is probably the Swan song for this Torrid shirt. It is one of my favorite items I’ve ever bought from them.  Not only is it the cutest ditzy, flower print but it is also a light poplin material so it’s nice and cool during the summer. I wore this constantly in Atlanta, which is probably why the shirt is so dingy looking now, too many washings. I’m glad this shirt got to make an appearance on my blog before its retirement because it was one of the first pieces of clothing that made me think that I could actually be fashionable some day.

As for the gardening, it went really well. The hootenanny was a success too but I’ll have more on that later this week.

My Summer Checklist

I was reading through the blog of Brittany Belle, when I stumbled across her Spring/Summer 2012 Checklist. It is such a great idea! Even though Autumn is my favorite season, I freely acknowledge that the summer months have a certain magic to to them.  It feels like the focus shifts, yes the world keeps turning, we still have our regular jobs; but, instead of the 9-5 dominating your life, the weekends and holidays seem to grow to mythic size.  Those times get crowded with vacations, outings, and other adventures that don’t seem like such a priority during the rest of the year.  And so, I thought that a checklist full of silly and fun adventures to accomplish this summer seemed like the best idea I’ve ever heard.

So without further ado, my Summer 2012 Checklist

  1. Visit the National Zoo
  2. Make homemade lemonade
  3. Make a homemade Shandy
  4. Go swimming
  5. Hike
  6. Have Breakfast for Dinneraccomplished 6/2
  7. Visit a Photo Booth with my best-ies and Bot
  8. Get up REALLY early and go to the Farmer’s Marketaccomplished 6/16
  9. Play some Bocce ballaccomplished 6/9
  10. Make homemade margaritasaccomplished 6/9
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Visit the Batting cages

You may notice that none of these are fashion related at all. Perhaps I should add that my hope is that I create some great outfits for these events and that I take lots of pictures to chronicle my adventures.

Do you have any summer plans? What would be on your checklist to do this summer?