My Summer Checklist

I was reading through the blog of Brittany Belle, when I stumbled across her Spring/Summer 2012 Checklist. It is such a great idea! Even though Autumn is my favorite season, I freely acknowledge that the summer months have a certain magic to to them.  It feels like the focus shifts, yes the world keeps turning, we still have our regular jobs; but, instead of the 9-5 dominating your life, the weekends and holidays seem to grow to mythic size.  Those times get crowded with vacations, outings, and other adventures that don’t seem like such a priority during the rest of the year.  And so, I thought that a checklist full of silly and fun adventures to accomplish this summer seemed like the best idea I’ve ever heard.

So without further ado, my Summer 2012 Checklist

  1. Visit the National Zoo
  2. Make homemade lemonade
  3. Make a homemade Shandy
  4. Go swimming
  5. Hike
  6. Have Breakfast for Dinneraccomplished 6/2
  7. Visit a Photo Booth with my best-ies and Bot
  8. Get up REALLY early and go to the Farmer’s Marketaccomplished 6/16
  9. Play some Bocce ballaccomplished 6/9
  10. Make homemade margaritasaccomplished 6/9
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Visit the Batting cages

You may notice that none of these are fashion related at all. Perhaps I should add that my hope is that I create some great outfits for these events and that I take lots of pictures to chronicle my adventures.

Do you have any summer plans? What would be on your checklist to do this summer?


5 thoughts on “My Summer Checklist

    • Thanks! Do you ever make summer long or year long to do lists? I think they keep things in perspective and you always have an idea ready when you want to go do something but can’t think of anything to do.

      • I didn’t in the past but now I am getting a little older I have started to look at things differently. This is totally something I want to start doing so thank you for the great idea!

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