Hi, I’m Mel, a 30 year old professional who work in Washington, DC and lives in Arlington, VA. Full Bodied Fashion chronicles my fashion, style, and life. My husband James (often referred to as “Bot”) is my photographer and partner in crime. My Frenchie Bowser is my greatest joy and biggest annoyance. He make quite a few appearances in photos, when he stubbornly refuses to exit my frame.

This blog began in 2011 when I had just left grad school, moved back to Virginia, and was working as a barista. As an MA who made her disposable income from latte tips, I was working within a very tight budget, hence my tagline “a fashionista on a barista’s budget.” A lot has changed since those first few years of blogging, my life, my style, my journey of self-acceptance, and yes, my budget. Full Bodied Fashion will continue to chronicle my  fashion escapades, adventures, and my on going journey to love myself and my body. Thanks for joining me here.


You can contact me at fullbodiedfashion (at) gmail.com or find me on instagram @melody__fitz


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